Public Address Systems

Power Amplifiers

Because it gives an audio signal the power it needs to get to a speaker system and out to an audience. Power amplifiers are an efficient way to transmit sound loud and clear when they have the right amount of wattage and the right features to support the requirements of the sound system.

Mixer Amplifiers

Analog mixers take the audio signals from multiple line inputs and combine them into a single output. The simplest analog mixers can control the mix level and volume of a few input channels. But, the more advanced audio mixers and consoles can accommodate dozens of channels and sends to further process the sound.

Paging Mikes

Paging microphones, dispatch microphones, and talking microphones are all designed with the same overall goal in mind: each of these wired microphones are used to amplify spoken audio, so they must provide high speech intelligibility and noise suppression. A paging microphone helps share information via paging systems.

Zone Controllers

The use of a digital signal processor allows total user control of the PA system. Users can broadcast background music to any number of selected PA zones, while making an audio announcement to other individual or selected zones simultaneously.

Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling-mount speakers are discrete and easy-to-hear, making them a great choice for a wide range of professional, commercial, and personal uses. Since this type of speaker is mounted t to the ceiling in a room, it provides clear sound from a source that is invisible to the audience. Ceiling-mount speakers are great for a variety of diverse uses, such as providing paging and music for large facilities like schools, conference centers, hotels, hospitals, and airports, or providing a subtle consumer sound system for a living room or kitchen in a private home.

Wall Mount Speakers

Wall mount speakers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments where floor space is at a premium, such as offices, shopping malls, stadiums, and conference halls. These audio speakers come in a variety of sizes and designs, ensuring high-quality audio across a wide range of applications, while taking up a minimum of space.

Column Speakers

Contemporary column speakers function similarly to line arrays. They also feature multiple drivers, arranged vertically, but take the form of a single narrow cabinet.


Paging horns are ideal for PA systems in environments such as offices, schools, factories, and recreational facilities. These paging horns offer excellent vocal clarity at long ranges and can fit a variety of mounting configurations.