Industrial Automation

Process Automation

We provide a wide range of services to help increase productivity, optimize plant assets and improve financial performance. We also offer flexibility in the delivery and support of the Plant through the global reach of our channel partner. You can detect potential equipment failures with our condition monitoring software.

We can help make your job easier and more productive. Whether you are designing your control and operations systems or reporting from the vast amounts of data in your manufacturing production, we provide software solutions to simplify and improve your results. The premier integration of our software with our world class, automation and control systems delivers a seamless process from implementation to analytics.

PLC Automation

Programmable Logic controllers (PLC’s) also called as industrial computers are capable of being programmed to perform certain control functions. It consists of a CPU or processor, I/O modules (both analog and digital) to connect the various input/output devices and relay modules. These may be modular which is of fixed type or integrated types to extend modules based on the inputs available. Along with the PLC’s, conventional PC’s are used to control the process by online or by changing the programs. PLC’s comes with dedicated software to program the control strategy.

SCADA Systems

HMI’s offers the facilities like, displaying the information on computer screens and other displays, logging the results in the database, giving alarm signal, etc. It uses technologies like SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and other visual based technologies

Tunnel Automation

We Provide Remote control and tunnel ambience monitoring system incorporates digital and analogue data through RTU for transmitting/ receiving the data from various power supply & ventilation equipment and sensors provided inside the tunnel and PLCs at tunnel portal substations to the control console in Ventilation Control room at one portal of the tunnel. Twisted 2 core, high conductivity copper conductor screened cable laid in the cable trench/ through hume pipes/in brackets on tunnel walls forms the data carrier bus. SCADA system is Real time connectivity with the help of lines/ OFC with fast response time i.e. a change in the status of the equipment /parameters provided in tunnels is displayed immediately as real time signal on control consoles at tunnel portal substations PC and also on a "mimic screen" in respective monitors through SCADA software running on PCs at tunnel ventilation Control room. Typical parameter monitored are Carbon Monoxide gas, Visibility level, temperature, train positions, status of ventilation fan, direction of rotation of ventilation fan, wind direction, wind speed, current voltage, power factor of power supply, DG parameters like voltage current frequency, water temperature, fuel oil level etc.